Bb/C Trumpet Orchestral Straight Mute – “The Berlin”


Bb/C Trumpet Orchestral Straight Mute “The Berlin”

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This straight mute still enjoys the fantastic sound and playability of the original “London” straight, but with some subtle tweaks. It is a little more free-blowing, more open in the lower registers, and the sound has a touch more ‘trumpet’ / a touch less ‘mute’. It also plays a little louder. It’s a variation on an established theme and was designed for second trumpet players who want easier volume in the lower registers. Or you might just prefer its sound for general playing. As per the original, this design eliminates standing wave reflection, resulting in cleaner notes, better tuning, and easier playing across the entire instrument range.

Lucienne Renaudin Vary (International Trumpet Soloist):

“I really really love it. It’s so great and comfortable, you can play with a huge range of dynamics. I love the shape and the look of them, and the fact that you can still play with a warm sound. And when you have to play some soft melodies, it’s really fluid. It’s really precise – I’m so impressed! It’s a ‘yes’!”


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