Some pretty happy customers

Mary Elizabeth Bowden

“ It has a gorgeous sound. It's very flexible in all dynamic ranges, and the intonation is impeccable! It also looks really cool, and won't get damaged when travelling. ”

Juan Carlos Montiel Rangel

“ I love this mute so much - it’s a modern masterpiece. ”

Allen Vizzutti

“ Hawkins Mutes are beautifully designed, well crafted, and sound excellent. ”

Mark UptonTrumpet Soloist

“ I love the look of these mutes, I love the twisted corks, and I really love the sound. I’ve been using [the cup mute] in some wind band, big band and solo situations, and it really does sound great. The straight mute has a really nice bright sound, and it really cuts through, it sounds really nice. I can highly recommend them! ”

Gerard Presencer

“ This is the first and only practice mute I’ve ever blown that blows the same intonation as when I’m open. The resistance is also very comfortable, and when I play open again I feel really good with no adjustment. I don’t know how you did it, but it’s changed my playing life!”

Aneel Soomary

“ Beautiful design, and extremely durable. I like several things about this mute; no tuning adjustments are necessary. [It has] a nice, brilliant sound, without being too metallic. You can still hear yourself at pianissimo. It’s one of the best all-round mutes on the markets. ”

Matilda Lloyd

“ It's really easy to blow through, it hardly changes the resistance at all, and the intonation is fantastic. ”

Gilano Santana

“ This is the most beautiful mute in the world! The sound is super-sweet [and] very light. ”

Andrea Tofanelli

“ They look really modern and beautiful. Not only the design is beautiful, but also the sound. The sound is incredible - it has a touch of the vintage sound with a modern edge. I totally love it. ”

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