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The Hawkins Mutes Trumpet Practice Mute

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Why aren’t you practicing??

Introducing the Hawkins Mutes Practice Mute – the perfect tool for musicians who want to practice without disturbing others. This mute is designed to be free-blowing yet quiet, while still maintaining perfect tuning across the range. With the Hawkins Mutes Practice Mute, you can practice in peace without sacrificing ‘feel’. Whether warming up backstage, shredding in a midnight hotel room, or just wanting to keep your neighbours happy, this is the perfect mute to reduce volume alone, allowing for useful personal practice. Get the perfect practice mute today!

“The practice mute is an essential part of my life as I live (and teach) in my apartment sometimes. This is the first and only practice mute I’ve ever blown that blows the same intonation as when I’m open. The resistance is also very comfortable, and when I play open again I feel really good with no adjustment. I don’t know how you did it Tony but it’s changed my playing life!”
Gerard Presencer


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