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Welcome to the home of the innovative Hawkins Mutes.

We demanded three things from our mutes: that they,

1.       produce a beautiful sound,

2.       play in tune across the range with no ‘problem’ notes, and

3.       are easy to play.

By combining computer-design with years of playing experience, our mutes achieve all three, all within an aesthetically pleasing package.

The sound could be described as rounder, darker, and smoother than aluminium mutes, with a full resonance, and fewer nasal or metallic overtones (less ‘zingy’).

They include patent-applied-for features that eliminate any standing waves, thereby removing any problematic notes, and aiding tuning across the whole range of the instrument.

They slot very easily, better even than the open horn in some cases, and are extremely free-blowing.

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Would you like to re-sell our products?

We have special reseller bundles available.  If you are interested, please email hello@hawkinsmutes.com​ with your contact information, shop address (if applicable) and an idea of your anticipated number of mute sales.

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