French Horn Orchestral Straight Mute

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French Horn Tuneable Orchestral Straight Mute

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Our tuneable horn straight mute plays reliably in tune across all of the huge range of the instrument, and at all volumes. The mute makes it even easier to ‘slot’ into the correct harmonic than the open horn, with a timbre that is more open than traditional mutes.

Whilst the sound tends towards a ‘more horn/less mute’ bias, it still sits firmly within the accepted ‘con sordino’ soundscape.

Add this to your section for a fresh new tone colour that will delight conductors and audiences alike.

1 review for French Horn Orchestral Straight Mute

  1. Angel Morales

    This is the second Mute I’ve owned, but by far the best one! Highly recommend to any college level or professional horn player looking in to getting a new mute.

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