Bb/C Trumpet Orchestral Straight Mute – “The London”


Bb/C Trumpet Orchestral Straight Mute – “The London”

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With a clarion tone placed somewhere between a copper mute and a fibre mute, this trumpet straight mute creates an exciting and vibrant new sound colour for orchestral muted trumpet. It’s ideal for situations where a less metallic ‘con sord’ timbre is called for, or general use. The design eliminates standing wave reflection, resulting in cleaner notes, better tuning, and easier playing across the entire instrument range.

Paul Mayes (London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Opera House):

“Very, very impressed with them, congratulations on that. I was surprised, actually – I don’t know why – but I think the shape of them, I thought, obviously aesthetically, they’re very pleasing to look at, but [I’m] so impressed with the performance of them, especially the consistency in the tuning across the range. So well done with that, it’s fantastic… everything still clicks in. I mean, it’s like playing without the mute in, really, as far as the response goes.”


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