Bb Trumpet Bundle 1

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Trumpet Bundle 1: London Straight Mute, Adjustable Cup Mute, Practice Mute.


Buy a bundle and save (a bundle)!
Consisting of:
1) The ever-popular London Straight Mute. A refreshing take on the original straight mute. Perfect tuning, great response and slotting, and no duff notes. It sounds, and looks, great!
2) Our Adjustable Cup Mute. The one with the twist. Enjoy granular control over a huge variety of sounds. Comes with a sound-reducing insert (outsert?) to double the available sound options!
3) Our Practice Mute. Fighting the very physics of the universe, we have managed to produce a well-tuned, quiet, yet free-blowing practice mute. Perfect for midnight tootling without exasperating the neighbours!

Buy these 3 world-class professional mutes together and save! (Normal price £217.00. Bundle price £195.00). That’s a cool 10% off! And free worldwide shipping! And I’ll even throw in some stickers!

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