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Versatile Sound

Easily transition from smooth and mellow to edgy ‘zing’. This mute is incredibly responsive.

Easy Playability

Internal geometric features eliminate standing wave reflection – improving playability and tuning across the range.

Robust Corks

The twisted cork design reduces the lateral load on the corks when inserting the mute. These corks will not let you down.

It's All About The Sound

We need choices. When a composer asks for you to play con sordini, we need to understand the context. What is the music saying at this point? Is it an echo effect, a distant call, or just a change of timbre for artistic or blending purposes. No single mute can effectively achieve all of these requirements. A fortissimo metal mute will conjure an entirely different emotion compared with, at the opposite end of the sonic spectrum, a soft fibre or wood mute. There’s not much in the middle ground, between metal and wood. Until now.

The Hawkins straight mute dominates this middle ground. It has a beautifully sonorous, rounded quality when played tenderly, and a zingy edge when pushed harder. It’s a truly versatile addition to your mute arsenal.

Apart from the flexible sound, this mute never has an off day. Patent-applied-for technology all but eliminates standing wave reflections, which can go back up the instrument resulting in certain notes not focusing. This makes it easier to play, easier to keep in tune, and easier to justify owning!

Join Our Ranks

Join the growing throng of trumpet players who are having their muted trumpet sound revolutionized! 

These include: Terence Blanchard, Mary Elizabeth Bowden, Mike Davis, Daniel Falcone, Freddie Gavita, Marc Geujon, Tony Gorruso, Matilda Lloyd, Paul Mayes, David Pastor, Gerard Presencer, Juan Carlos Montiel Rangel, Gileno Santana, Philippe Schartz, Bria Skonberg, Aneel Soomary, Andrea Tofanelli, Mark Upton, and Allen Vizzutti among others…

Trumpet Mutes

Pro Opinions

Don’t take our word for it – instead, have a listen to what these world-class artists have to say about Hawkins Mutes. 

This small selection of legendary soloists and pro players share their insights into what they love about their new Hawkins trumpet mutes. Con sordini has never sounded so refined, versatile, and in tune!

What Our Customers Say!

“It has a gorgeous sound. It’s very flexible in all dynamic ranges, and the intonation is impeccable”.
Mary Elizabeth Bowden
"Hawkins Mutes are beautifully designed, well crafted, and sound excellent."
Allen Vizzutti
“I love this mute so much - it’s a modern masterpiece. The sound is just sublime.”
Juan Carlos Montiel Rangel
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Bb/C Trumpet Orchestral Straight Mute - "The London"  × 1 £69.00
Subtotal £69.00
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